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15 May 2017 at 13:19 BST

Art and Luxury join forces at the Luxury Law Summit 2017

Luxury and art have long been bedfellows. As 200 luxury leaders arrive in London for the annual Luxury Law Summit, artist Mark Dickens discusses doing a collaboration deal with Formula One maestro Bernie Ecclestone.

Luxury houses have joined forces with artists over the years with many of the top companies collaborating with artists - Louis Vuitton has recently linked up with US artist Jeff Koons on a range of handbags. Artist Mark Dickens worked with Bernie Ecclestone to produce a major Formula One collaboration of works spanning the globe. He discusses how the deal came about as well as the legal aspects of putting together the collaboration. Mr Dickens will join artist Philipp Humm, the former European CEO of Vodafone who is using his business acumen to carve out a career as an artist. They will be joined by Trino Verkade, who started out with the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and is now a trustee at his foundation Sarabande. The event will be held at the Luxury Law Summit in London. 


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