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29 March 2018 at 13:23 BST

Australian boutique law firm launches entrepreneur hotline

The service aims to remove uncertainty giving entrepreneurs a dedicated lawyer who knows their business with no price shocks.

Shahril KHMD

An Australian boutique law firm called Progressive Legal has rolled out a new service called Legal Shield giving entrepreneurs ongoing access to specialist business lawyers to deal with their legal issues. Progressive Legal founder Ian Aldridge told Australia’s Lawyer’s Weekly: 'The objective of Legal Shield is to cure the main issues with lawyers: cost, communication and care. Cost – don’t know, bill shock, hourly rates, uncertainty. Communication – jargon, talking down to, talking at, non-responsiveness. Care – most clients feel like their lawyer doesn’t actually care about them or their business.'

Hailing disruption

Aldridge hailed the dusruptive nature of the service, stating that clients get access to a dedicated lawyer 'who knows and understands their business and a very experienced team of ex-big firm lawyers for any short/non-complex advice along the way.' He said his firm is excited about disrupting the traditional legal model for small business: 'Disruption is about to hit the legal industry like a Mack truck (or should we say a Tesla Truck!). The use of technology, block-chain, smart contracts, software and even legal robots is extremely exciting.' Source: Legal Weekly; Progressive Legal


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