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22 September 2017

Australian law firm hails use of digital currencies for its business

Lehman Walsh has embraced digital currencies and adopted a progressive approach to new technology which it claims is paying dividends.

Lorenzo Rossi

An Australian law firm is targeting new clients through incorporation of blockchain technology and accepting digital assets as a method of payment. As part of its innovative approach, Sydney law firm Lehman Walsh Lawyers now accepts a range of digital currencies and is using the latest developments in technology to build up its practice. Speaking to Lawyers Weekly, Lehman Walsh head Janya Eighani said that the law firm accepts 'not just bitcoins, but also Ethereum and NEO Token. Ethereum, in simple terms, is a Smart Contracts platform and NEO is what we think an even more progressive and easier to adopt Smart Contracts platform, out of China – some call it the Ethereum of China.' She added: 'Bitcoin is hot right now, but we think Ethereum and NEO Tokens carry a much wider use and in the future will be valuable, tradable digital assets – neither Ethereum [nor] NEO Tokens are ‘digital currencies’ per se, but they are traded around the world like bitcoins and are digital assets.'


The approach allowed the firm to adopt a progressive approach using technology that larger law firms were too slow or afraid to adopt. The move was particularly successful in the Chinese marketplace as it allowed them to 'target and tailor to our (start-up and corporate) clients in China and provide them with the ability to use our services, without having to go through the difficulties inherent in the banking system there,' she said. Source: Lawyers Weekly

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