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18 April 2017 at 09:18 BST

Berkeley reaches legal settlement over harassment claim

A legal settlement has been reached between Berkeley, the former dean of its law school and his former assistant who alleged he sexually harassed her, an announcement from the university has revealed.

Ken Wolter

The settlement between the school, former dean Sujit Choudhry and the assistant Tyann Sorrell announced last Friday was signed on 31 March. Miss Sorrell had sued her former boss and the university over the harassment allegations. In turn Mr Choudry, who is South Asian, sued the school for singling him out for additional investigation because of his race while the school was embroiled in several sexual harassment allegations involving faculty and leaders.


In her lawsuit, Miss Sorrell alleged that her boss kissed, hugged and touched her repeatedly but was punished only with a temporary pay cut and orders to undergo counselling following a campus investigation. Mr Choudhry alleged the University of California opened a second investigation of him for the same conduct after Sorrell filed her lawsuit and reports it had mishandled cases of serious sexual misconduct.


Under the terms of the settlement, Mr Choudry will give $50,000 to a charity of Miss Sorrell’s choice and pay another $50,000 to her lawyers. Mr Choudry will officially be on a two-year sabbatical until May 2018. ‘All related litigation has now been dismissed,’ the university said in a statement.


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