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Contrasting light shed on AI in damages and sentencing

By Dr David Cowan

20 February 2019 at 14:38 BST

New survey reveals use of AI tools in predicting damages at 40 percent, while 2 percent use AI in sentencing predictions.

A new survey of law library use shows while 40 percent of law Firms sampled use AI tools to predict money awards of damages, while those indicating their organization had used artificial intelligence tools for predicting length of sentence or likelihood of imprisonment remains miniscule at 2.78 percent. The report is published by Research and Markets, based in Dublin.

North American focus

The 90-page ‘Survey of Law Library Use of Artificial Intelligence’ report presents data and commentary from 72 law libraries predominantly from the USA and Canada, about their use of artificial intelligence products in legal research and other applications. In addition, the study highlights how these libraries are educating their patrons in artificial intelligence approaches to legal research and organizational management. Survey participants also rate the impact and expected impact of artificial intelligence on various aspects of the legal profession including legal research, eDiscovery, law services marketing and other areas.

AI products mapped

Survey takers map out the artificial intelligence products that have most affected their operations thus far, with the report providing specific data on the extent of use by those in the sample of a broad range of artificial intelligence products. Data in the report is broken out for many different organizations, with law firms numbering about 30 in the sample and 16 university law libraries, and other types of law libraries. Respondents under the age of 45 were much more likely than older survey participants to say that artificial intelligence approaches had significantly impacted docket searching.


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