19 April 2017 at 12:00 BST

Dentons implements 'partner cull' in the US

Dentons is reported to have cut some 20 US-based partners this year over what is claimed to be fall-out following the McKenna Long merger.

Andriy Popov

The reports blame the cull on fallout from the McKenna Long merger as well as failure to meet budgets and come hot on the heels of revelations in January that 60 jobs were were to be axed across 22 US offices. While it is company policy to not comment on who has been axed it is understood that the group includes lawyers in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington DC. It is thought that while at least 20 partners have been cut, the figure could actually be higher. In order to present those being ousted with a good chance of finding new emplyoment before they have to leave the firm allows lawyers have a 90-day departure period before a cut takes effect.

Expanding global footprint

However, despite the cuts, the firm has hired more than 24 lawyers in the US in the first quarter of this year and opened offices in Tbilisi, Georgia and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Global Legal Post also recently also wrote how the firm was increasing its global footprint via mergers with law firms in Costa Rica and The Netherlands. 


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