10 April 2019 at 12:55 BST

Dentons in transformative technology move

Dentons launches Dentons Data in Canada to meet challenges of the digital economy,as firms sees critical mass of client demand.


Dentons has launched the firm’s transformative technology and data strategy practice group. The firm notes it is the first of its kind in Canada, and includes a customizable suite of innovative products and services called Dentons Data, enabling businesses to convert their complex data into concrete actionable elements, while avoiding privacy pitfalls, cybersecurity breaches, and other regulatory obstacles.


Dentons Data offers a full suite of phased, scalable solutions for businesses across their data lifecycle. Transformative technologies refers to all areas of data driven technology, such as smart cities, internet of things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, open banking and others. “In the digital economy, providing legal advice is simply not enough,” said Kirsten Thompson, partner in Dentons’ Toronto office and national lead of the transformative technologies and data strategy group. Ms Thompson said, “Businesses adopting artificial intelligence or blockchain have complex, multi-faceted needs. This suite of services is unique as it allows us to be an integrated one-stop-shop for clients, and enable them to solve business problems, not just legal issues.”

Critical mass

Dentons Data enables clients to select from a menu of modular solutions, and apply them to their business challenges. The cost certainty, scheduled deliverables, and phased approach supports businesses to minimize disruptions during its implementation. Ms Thompson explained, “We are seeing a critical mass of client demand for capability with transformative technologies. We have responded to that demand by providing our clients with new types of lawyers to solve new types of challenges.” This new practice area will help clients navigate the interconnected legal and business challenges that both established companies and startups face. Dentons’ national multidisciplinary team of lawyers and advisors will focus on the full lifecycle of technology innovation.


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