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27 November 2017 at 09:44 BST

Dentons launches automated seed financing document generator

Built by the firm's Canadian Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies group, the Canadian Seed Preferred Document Package automatically drafts seed financing investment documents with input from users.

Matias Rosenthal

The tool is already used by startups and investors across the country to streamline the seed financing process. The automated tool can be accessed through the Dentons ventureBeyond website. ‘At Dentons, we are embracing technology and innovation to develop new and better ways to address our clients’ needs,’ explained Beth Wilson, Dentons’ Canada Chief Executive Officer. ‘This new offering is another way we are reshaping and redefining the legal industry.’

Speeds up process

Startups and investors are now able to generate term sheets, subscription agreements, shareholders agreements and share terms at no cost by completing a single questionnaire online. This automated tool streamlines the drafting process and allows the startup community to benefit from the speed of incorporating automation into the legal process.


‘We are thrilled to provide tools to the market to make the fundraising process faster and easier,’ said Andre Garber, Director of the Dentons Canada Startup Program. ‘Dentons will continue to be relentless in our commitment to innovation, seeking new ways to improve the legal process for startups and investors.’


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