Eversheds' speedy AI sandbox

By Dr David Cowan

24 April 2019 at 07:28 BST

Eversheds Sutherland announces innovation partnership with Fastcase on artificial intelligence Sandbox.


Eversheds Sutherland has announced a partnership with Fastcase, the American next generation legal research service, on a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sandbox.

Founded on the precept that data and intelligence can drive better solutions for clients, the Eversheds Sutherland AI Sandbox provides a platform for the global practice to innovate proprietary products for clients.

Sleeves rolled-up

In launching the partnership, Fastcase ceo Ed Walters provided an exclusive seminar and training in Eversheds Sutherland’s Atlanta office, the first legal practice to receive the training. Eversheds Sutherland co-ceo Mark D. Wasserman, who attended along with other attorneys and team members, said “Data is driving a new reality in the practice of law. We wanted to roll-up our sleeves to better understand the ways we can leverage data to build solutions for clients.” The training focused on extracting structured data from unstructured data using artificial intelligence, data labeling, addressing noisy data, identifying corruption issues and visualization tools to extract new insights from the prepared data. 

Bet-the-company matters

In his opening seminar, live-streamed throughout the practice, Mr Walters said “Clients bring bet-the-company matters to their lawyers, who mostly give advice based on their experience. However, even the most experienced lawyers have very limited data on which to make recommendations. Through our new engagement and partnership, together, we will build new legal services for clients that are true differentiators.” Anusia E Gillespie, US global co-head of innovation, said “We now have five projects in development with Fastcase using our AI Sandbox. Our innovation partnership with Fastcase is a game-changer as it further empowers and positions us to approach clients with the question: what can we build for you?”


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