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09 November 2017 at 11:59 BST

Eversheds wins airline trade association work for two years

IATA has re-appointed the law firm as its lead advisor across four regions.


Airline trade association IATA has re-appointed Eversheds Sutherland as its primary provider of full service legal support in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North Asia and  Asia Pacific for a further two years.Based in Montreal and Geneva,  IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines with 275 airline members operating in 120 countries with estimated forecasts for 2017 air traffic approximately four billion passengers across 37.5 million flights. Eversheds was initially appointed by the IATA in 2013 for the management of full service, multi-practice legal services in Africa and the Middle East.  This was subsequently widened in 2014 to include Europe, North Asia and Asia-Pacific. The new extension covers all four IATA regions.


Jeffrey Shane, IATA general counsel comments: 'Our longstanding relationship with Eversheds Sutherland is testament to a great partnership between our teams. We made the decision to award an extension of the contact based on our broad satisfaction with the quality of the firm’s services to date aligned with their innovative approach to pricing and client service.  We want to build further on that very solid foundation and  look forward to strengthening our relationship over the coming years.' Eversheds Sutherland’s team is led by partners Stephen Hopkins and  Richard Prowse. 

Dedicated resource

Client relationship project  manager Danielle Davies oversees the partners dealing with the organisation and operates a dedicated resource ensuring instructions from more than  100 countries around the world are delivered with the quality, centralised billing, cost certainty and monthly management reporting demanded by IATA.  Stephen Hopkins, IATA global client partner, Eversheds Sutherland comments: 'Our work for the IATA is truly international, covering 163 territories across Eversheds Sutherland offices and our network of alliance and relationship  firms.  We have led the way on establishing a sophisticated model for a global legal framework for  IATA and other major clients. This new contract builds on the work we have delivered so far, our continuous improvement to drive greater efficiencies and the deep trust that exists between our businesses.'


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