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23 April 2018 at 09:29 BST

Exxon challenges suit dismissal claiming allegations are political

Exxon is appealing against dismissal of case in which the oil giant claims federal investigation is retaliation on oil giant's climate change views.


Exxon Mobil Corp has filed a notice of appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, challenging the dismissal last month of its suit against the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts over allegations Exxon misled investors and the public about its knowledge of climate change and the potential effects that climate change may have on Exxon’s business.

Political motivation

Exxon contends the investigations are political, and are being conducted to retaliate against Exxon for its views on climate change, thus violating Exxon’s constitutional rights. The relief requested by Exxon for the two federal courts in Texas and New York to stop state officials from conducting duly-authorized investigations into potential fraud.


Rejecting Exxon’s claim, the district judge in late March stated the it was formed “on the basis of extremely thin allegations and speculative inferences. The factual allegations against the AGs boil down to statements made at a single press conference and a collection of meetings with climate-change activists. Some statements made at the press conference were perhaps hyperbolic, but nothing that was said can fairly be read to constitute declaration of a political vendetta against Exxon.”


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