Female lawyers lose £50k in gender gap

By James Barnes

24 January 2013 at 12:05 BST

Female lawyers in Britain earn an average of £50,000 less annually compared to male counterparts, according to market research released yesterday.

Gender gap: wide, but shrinking

But despite the huge disparity, the figures provided some signs that the gender gap is narrowing.
The report from specialist legal recruiter Laurence Simons found that the average female lawyer earns £51,396 less than the average male lawyer, and that average female bonus is half that of men -- £23,622 compared with £47,496.

stark imbalance

The research -- conducted among 988 UK in-house and private practice lawyers – also revealed that male incomes have fallen by £5,000 over the last year while women’s have risen by £1,300.
Lucinda Moule, managing director at Laurence Simon, commented: ‘There is a long way to go to equalise pay between the genders. A situation where women are earning two thirds as much as their male colleagues is a stark imbalance that will need to be addressed. However, it is positive to see the gap narrowing and perhaps is indicative of the efforts that organisations are making to rectify the remuneration disparities.’


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