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16 February 2018 at 14:56 BST

Former Linklaters partner jailed over sexual assault

The court heard that Linklaters had conducted a proper investigation at the time.


An ex-Linklaters partner has been convicted and jailed for over three years by a Munich court for sexually assaulting an intern. Former tax partner Thomas Elser was based in the firm's German office when the incident occured in 2014. Another former partner, corporate litigation specialist, Laurenz Schmitt, was given a seven month suspended sentence and commmunity service last year for physical assault on Mr Elser. Mr Schmitt claimed he was trying to protect the female intern. Both partners left the firm following the incident.


The investigation was carried out by the former German senior partner Carl-Peter Feick, former Linklaters managing partner Robert Elliot and litigation partner Christa Band. A Linklaters spokesperson said: 'We have always been mindful that there is a young student at the centre of this case. That concern has guided our behaviour and priorities throughout.’ 


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