12 June 2019 at 12:13 BST

Greenberg Traurig throws a recurve ball

Firm launches Recurve as “first-of-its-kind” global shared services platform to transform delivery of range of services for legal industry.


Greenberg Traurig has founded Recurve to facilitate open collaboration among clients, trusted legal advisors and tech, staffing, space, and other experts in services which support innovation, efficiencies, and value in the delivery of legal services.

Outside traditional legal model

While the law firm is its founder, Recurve itself will not engage in the practice of law and will ultimately include a number of strategic members engaged in various of its core focus areas, including the firm as its founding member. Recurve's core focus areas are intended to include innovations in technology solutions, artificial intelligence, project management, alternative staffing, novel space innovations and other developing aides for lawyers and clients which do not involve the actual practice of law. “Recurve will work outside the traditional legal model to provide previously unavailable tools and efficiencies in the legal ecosystem, bringing together diverse talents and resources across the globe in a collaborative platform aimed at industry-wide innovation to help attorneys and clients adapt to the rapidly changing legal landscape,” said Richard A. Rosenbaum, executive chairman of Greenberg Traurig. Mr Rosenbaum added, “Recurve is intended to become the first law-firm founded, third-party financed global collaboration platform solely focused on creative innovation in the support of the delivery of legal services.” Recurve will establish headquarters in Warsaw, Tel Aviv, and Denver, with operations in strategically selected locations, including Austin, Texas, Berlin, Germany, and South Florida.

Innovation “architects”

Recurve will be staffed by a lean and experienced team of innovation “architects”, well versed in client needs, the advantages of the traditional law firm model and the wide array of growing resources in the legal innovation marketplace. This team will serve as the point of contact for Recurve's clients to identify their needs and design appropriate solutions; but it will not itself execute them or otherwise engage in legal practice. When it is determined that support or innovation solutions might be most possible outside the traditional law firm environment, the Recurve experts will seek out best-in-class solutions from its strategic members and others based solely on what is deemed best for its clients, and then coordinate and facilitate the delivery of those solutions. The firm says it will enable clients to achieve greater value for their legal spend, taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies and other legal support service solutions, without sacrificing the personal involvement and other benefits provided by their trusted legal counselors and advisors. Clients will also gain the benefit of Recurve's objective judgment as to the best available solutions, rather than being forced to use the solutions or products their law firms or other service providers happen to use or own, whether or not current or the best for that client.


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