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14 March 2017 at 09:18 BST

Internet-connected sex toy maker settles lawsuit for $3.75 million

Women came out on top in case they took against a vibrator manufacturer after they realised highly personal data was being gathered via its mobile app regarding customer product use including date and time of each use and selected vibration settings.


Users’ personal email addresses were also sent to to the company's servers in Canada, the court filing back in September read. Under the terms of the settlement, Standard Innovation Corp has agreed to destroy the personal information it collected from users of the vibrator and to stop collecting such information from now on.

Highly intimate

In September, a lawsuit was filed in an Illinois court against Standard Innovation, which manufactures the popular We-Vibe sex aid, because newer versions of the device share 'highly intimate' data over the web. We-Vibe Rave, released two years ago, is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible. A mobile phone app called We-Connect allows users and their partners to control the Rave’s intensity and vibration patterns remotely over the Internet and allows for private text messages and video calls.

'Wholesale disregard'

The lawsuit filed on behalf of two unidentified female We-Vibe users alleged the company’s actions demonstrated ‘a wholesale disregard’ for privacy rights and violated a number of US laws.


About 300,000 customers purchased the vibrators, with about one-third using them with the app, according to the settlement agreement. From the settlement fund, app users are entitled to receive up to $10,000 after expenses and fees, with anyone who purchased a vibrator without using the app entitled to up to $199. Standard Innovation did not admit any wrongdoing under the terms of the settlement.


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