Japan looks to strengthen cybersecurity

By Melissa Lesh

14 March 2014 at 08:12 BST

Attacks on government systems have prompted action by the Japanese to up the ante on online threats.

Sean Pavone

The Japanse government  is proposing a law that will give more power to government agencies to deal with online security threats. The legislation would give the National Information Security Centre (NISC) and the Government Security Operation Coordination team (GSOC) the authority to cut through red tape when dealing with online threats. The law would also promote co-operation among Japan’s infrastructure operators including those in transport, finance, and electricity.   According to GSOC data, there were 1.08 million attempts to access government networks in 2012, which is a 64 per cent increase from 2010.  There are few info-security professionals in Japan, heightening the need for aggressive steps to be taken in safeguarding the internet. Source: The Register

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