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29 March 2017 at 11:10 BST

Kirkland Morrison O'Callahan rebrands to K3 Legal Limited

Kirkland Morrison O'Callahan has rebranded to K3 which it feels will resonate better with both a New Zealand and Chinese market.

Patrick Poendl

The new K3 brand is being adopted across three service companies: K3 Legal Limited, K3 Accounting Limited and K3 Consulting Limited Following several incarnations lending to the traditional naming construct of law firms, the business wanted a simple, succinct name that would work in both the New Zealand and Chinese markets.  


Drawing inspiration from the mountain K2, the ‘K’ is a nod to the roots of the business and the name Kirkland, while the number three refers to the three companies sharing the brand. The K has been designed to butt against the margin of a page with the three stripes vertical for the New Zealand arm of the business, and horizontal in China in reference to the Chinese symbol for the number three. Red was selected because of its warmth and symbolism of luck in Chinese culture. 

Offer more

‘In a sector of one-dimensional offerings we wanted to offer more. We’ve never had a traditional mindset – we like to challenge the status quo, we believe in collective thinking and we’re bringing something new to the market,’ said Mark Kirkland, one of the founders who helped start the law firm more than nine years ago. Branding design agency Principals unveiled the rebrand for law firm.


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