Law professors slammed over 17-year divorce

By Neasa MacErlean

13 August 2013 at 07:13 BST

Two law professors have been rebuked by judges over their 17-year old divorce proceedings - a battle which has lasted seven years longer than the marriage.


Christo Lassiter and Sharlene Lassiter, both in their 50s, are respectively law professors at the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University. Over 1,400 entries have been filed in their lawsuit - over 1,000 more than the usual divorce. At the latest hearing in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, Judge Leslie Ghiz told the pair: 'I am really shocked, because when I was in law school my professors were outstanding. They never would have told me that behaving the way you all have, both of you, over the past 20 years, is acceptable behavior,' according to

Extremely rare

Lawyer George Maley, a divorce specialist, said that a typical divorce with children can be concluded in 12 months. When told of the Lassiter proceedings, he said: 'Holy cow, that is extremely rare.' The Lassiter proceedings include both of them winning and losing custody of their two children, the calling out of police to the workplaces of the professors and complaints by judges that the professors were violating court rules.


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