Law students to help in UK divorces

By Melissa Lesh

25 April 2014 at 08:36 BST

The UK family justice system is getting a facelift, and it includes using trainee lawyers to ease divorce proceedings.


Close to 50 per cent of soon-to-be-ex couples going to court have no legal representation because they are not eligible for legal aid.  To streamline the process, the government plans to set up a law trainee and student network from which couples can seek advice before resorting to litigation.  Simon Hughes, a Lib Dem family justice minister, said: ‘We need to try to sort out issues for people before they go through the door of the court.  I want lawyers out  of the process as much as possible.’  This major change is meant to speed up family court proceedings, which a 2011 Family Justice Review found can damage children’s’ futures.  Source: Daily Mail


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