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11 December 2017 at 15:38 BST

LeClairRyan ramps up services for technology clients

The US law firm has launched a new cross-disciplinary team across its offices to deal with companies which sell or depend on technology.

Everything possible

US law firm LeClairRyan has launched a new cross-office, cross-disciplinary practice team focused on ramping up service for companies that sell—or are heavily dependent upon—technology. 'The national law firm's Technology & Innovations team gives clients access to lawyers with broad experience in tech-related issues, including those associated with transactions, litigation, IP, communications, regulations/compliance, deal-making and more,' technology lawyer and co-leader Janine Anthony Bowen said. 'The core of the practice is made up of lawyers with partner-level experience from some of the largest law firms in the United States and globally, who transitioned to LeClairRyan because of its nimbleness and reputation for innovation,' Ms Bowen said.

Technology clients

The team's focus is not merely on pursuing the largest clients in tech, noted Mr Hutchins. 'Our aim is serving the needs of clients at all levels of the market, helping the C-suite manage their companies' tech law challenges,' he said. 'We have experience with technology transactions of every variety imaginable and have litigated and arbitrated technology-related disputes all over the country and internationally.'  According to Ms Bowen, in today's increasingly digital economy, the appropriate management of tech and the data processes that tech relies upon is crucial. 'The rate of change is accelerating at a dizzying pace. The landscape businesses face today was scarcely imaginable even 10 years ago. It includes not just mobile phones, but also mobile payments, banking, media, retail, transportation, education and healthcare, to name a few.'


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