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29 June 2018 at 09:51 BST

LexisNexis launches faster research tool for data-driven lawyers

LexisNexis launches Ravel View data visualisation providing a faster research tool for data-driven lawyers.


A new data visualisation technology called Ravel View has been launched by LexisNexis. The launch follows the acquisition of Ravel Law in June 2017, and integrates Ravel View into the flagship Lexis Advance online legal research platform. Ravel View transforms traditional case law search lists into a map of the cases and language that judges find most important. As a result, users can understand the legal landscape faster and uncover cases they may have overlooked in reviewing traditional search results. This type of visualisation is becoming an essential competitive tool in quickly making sense of litigation at the outset of case, given the often enormous amount of information lawyers are presented with. Ravel View now combines search visualisation with Shepard’s citation. Adding trusted treatment analysis from Shepard’s allows users to quickly determine how cases have been impacted by subsequent decisions. Further analytics around judges and expert witnesses are planned using Ravel’s technology.

Data-driven lawyers

Ravel View maps the top 75 results from a user’s case law search. Each case is represented as a circle, with lines between circles showing the citations between cases. This interactive view helps users quickly assess each case in four key ways: citation frequency, chronology, jurisdiction and relevance. Jeff Pfeifer, vice president, product management at LexisNexi, says: 'Ravel View is a perfect example of how LexisNexis technology can help attorneys use legal research as a competitive edge. Now, researchers can uncover insights from vast amounts of information and spot trends that were previously unknowable – what we call data-driven law.’  Daniel Lewis, CEO of Ravel Law, explains:  ‘By mapping the cases, citations and Shepard’s treatments that judges find important, Ravel View eliminates countless hours spent on legal research and enables users to quickly and confidently find the most relevant cases that support their argument or legal strategy.’ He added, ‘LexisNexis is increasing the effectiveness and productivity of today’s data-driven lawyers.’


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