Litigation set for 2014 boom

By Neasa MacErlean

20 December 2013 at 09:58 BST

Litigation is the area that US firms are the most positive about - with 27% of law firms expecting to hire, according to a survey from recruitment consultants Robert Half Legal.

27% of law firms are expecting to hire in 2014, according Robert Half Legal's survey

In total, 55% of respondents expect their firms to maintain current staffing levels by filling all posts that fall vacant. Only 12% expect vacant positions not to be filled - while 27% predict expansion through new jobs being created.  Respondents were asked 'Which one of the following practice areas, in your opinion, will offer the greatest number of job opportunities in the first six months of 2014?'. Litigation came top of the answers (with the support of 46% of respondents), followed a long way behind by general business/commercial law (10%), IP (6%) and real estate and family (4% each).  Source: The Wall St Transcript


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