18 September 2015 at 16:26 BST

Lloyd's of London warns of drone risks

Lloyd's of London has warned that insurers might need to take 'greater risk mitigation measures from drone operators' in a report called 'Drones Take Flight'.

Produced by the Emerging Risk & Research team, the report highlights various risks about the area - including privacy, vulnerableity to cyber attacks and the difficulties faced by regulators in attempts to provide ‘strong rigorous oversight’. 

Controversial and emerging

Nick Beecroft, manager of the Emerging Risk & Research team, says: ‘Drones have significant potential but at the same time they are a controversial emerging technology. As the market for drones continues to grow, so does the interaction of risk exposures. Manufacturers, operators and regulators will need to work together, on a global basis, to understand exposures and ensure this technology is used safely and responsibly.’

Cyber security

Among the greater risk mitigation measures that insurers may ask drone operators to provide, Lloyd’s includes ‘training and accreditation, strengthening cyber security and the completion of privacy impact assessments’.

Source: Lloyd’s 


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