05 September 2012 at 17:57 BST

Lord Chief Justice bemoans lack of female judges

Northern Ireland's lack of female judges is a concern, says the Lord Chief Justice.

Northern Ireland’s top judge has voiced his concerns over the gender imbalance in senior judicial roles.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan said that although the balance was expected to change naturally over time through recruitment on merit, these hopes ‘did not seem to be bearing fruit’.

Sir Declan was making a speech to mark the opening of the new legal year, and pledged to look at aspects of the legal profession which may hinder progression to the highest judicial ranks.

According to a BBC report, Sir Declan said: ‘It is not an issue which will be resolved overnight, but that should not stop us tackling it now, and doing all we can to make the senior legal profession and the senior judiciary attractive and accessible aspirations.’

The sentiment was shared by President of the Law Society Imelda McMillan, who said she would also look into the problem.




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