Obama-bashing judge to take 'senior' status

By James Barnes

05 October 2012 at 10:38 BST

A Montana judge who sent a racially-charged e-mail about US President Barack Obama is set to take so-called senior status next year.

Montana: 'senior' judge will still hear some cases

Judge Richard Cebull, a judge in the District Court of Montana, is currently the subject of a misconduct review after he forwarded to friends an e-mail sent to him by his brother. He will take senior status in March 2013.
The Blog of Legal Times reports that the move will allow Judge Cebull to vacate his seat while still hearing some cases.
Michael Keegan, president of progressive advocacy group People for the American Way, expressed outrage that Judge Cebull will remain a judge. He said: ‘Americans expect the courts to be fair, impartial, and open to all. Cebull clearly demonstrated that he does not have the temperament to serve as a federal judge, period. The judge himself declined to comment.


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