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Parisian law firm creates digital transformation brand

By Dr David Cowan

20 September 2018 at 14:28 BST

After nearly 100 years in business, law firm is rewriting the rules with a new team dedicated to digital transformation called Gide 255.


The French firm Gide has a new team dedicated to offering strategic, legal and regulatory advice on all matters related to its clients' digital transformation.

‘Augmented’ advice

Headed by Franck Guiader, with Jennifer D'hoir and Matthieu Lucchesi, the team of experts in the fields of regulation, innovation and strategy aims to offer ‘augmented’ advice on changing business models and new behaviours that are deeply affected by the development of advanced technologies. The team will also offer high-end support to help advance the changing legal and regulatory framework both in France and abroad, whether ongoing or to come. Gide 255 covers in particular the growing stakes of blockchain, ICOs, artificial intelligence, automation and various aspects of data processing, and will offer its clients tools to help decision-making processes in a context that is disrupted by the advent of breakthrough technologies.

Rewriting the rules

Gide senior and managing partners, Xavier de Kergommeaux and Stéphane Puel, state ‘the highly strategic nature of the challenges of digital transformation for our clients must drive us to reconsider our advisory role and strengthen our know-how by acquiring new skills that go above and beyond our traditional practice areas. With Franck and his team, we are looking to offer a high level of legal and regulatory expertise, combined with digital transformation strategy. In short, Gide 255 is the best of both worlds.’ Franck Guiader, head of Gide 255, says their enthusiasm and vision of the digital world is driving the firm ‘to rewrite the rules, co-build, and reinvent client relations.’ Founded in Paris in 1920, the firm now operates from 14 offices throughout the world, and has 550 lawyers drawn from 35 different nationalities.


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