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12 September 2017 at 06:45 BST

Pinsent Masons consults over making secretarial roles redundant

The law firm is reviewing personal assistant (PA) roles and has consulted with those at risk.

Leigh Prather

Technology investment at Pinsent Masons could see as many as 100 legal personal assistant (PA) roles at Pinsent Masons at risk of redundancy.  A consultation by the firm could see redundancies of roles or reallocation of resources. In a statement, the firm said that its significant investment in technology and other resources means that resourcing levels among PA staff and the needs of the business were no longer aligned. It went on to say:'For that reason we will be entering into a consultation with our PA team. While it is hard to be precise about the outcome of the consultation at this point, we have not ruled out the reallocation of resource or redundancy of some roles. We will do everything possible to support those impacted during what we recognise is an unsettling time.' The consultation will end in November and could impact any of the firm's UK offices.


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