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Prosecutors plan Dewey II trial after jury dismissal

By Neasa MacErlean

07 December 2015 at 09:00 BST

An assistant district attorney has disclosed that plans are afoot to retry a case against Dewey & LeBoeuf's ex-chair Steven Davis and one two senior ex-colleagues, after a partial victory by the three in court and the dismissal of a deadlocked jury.


Assistant Manhattan district attorney Peirce Moser was at a hearing in relation to another former Dewey employee, Zachary Warren, when he disclosed plans to retry Mr Davis, former chief financial officer Joel Sanders and former executive director Stephen DiCarmine. 

Financial statements

The three were accused of distorting financial statements about the firm before it went bankrupt in 2012. All three maintain they are innocent. No details were given about which charges would be brought against them or, indeed, if all three would be charged. Source: ABA


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