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Septuagenarian law student awaits entrance to the bar

By Victoria Basham

20 September 2016 at 09:00 BST

Whilst many of his age would now be retired from the legal profession, a 75-year-old law student says he has a job lined up at a law firm as soon as he is admitted to the bar.

Serhii Kucher

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jim Edwards of Tennessee applied to the bar following his graduation from Nashville Law School in July. Mr Edwards, who built and later sold two major companies during his insurance sales career, says he was driven by a desire to help those that could not afford a lawyer and ‘I don’t have to make a living doing it.’ He intends to practice public-interest law, including representing plaintiffs in wrongful termination and employee discrimination cases.

Going it alone

Although a law firm has offered him a role, Mr Edwards says he is yet undecided whether to accept or set up in private practice. He finds out next month if he passed the bar. 


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