Sharia law to be upheld in UK wills

By Melissa Lesh

24 March 2014 at 12:28 BST

The Law Society, representing English and Welsh solicitors, has drafted guidelines for how to deal with UK wills that incorporate Sharia law.

The Law Society drafted guidelines for how to deal with Sharia law in UK wills. alexskopje

According to Law Society president Nicholas Fluck: “This practice note provides guidance to solicitors dealing with clients where Sharia succession rules may be relevant…There is a wide variety of spiritual, religious and cultural beliefs within our population, and the Law Society wants to support its members so they can help clients from all backgrounds.”  The guide states if the will invokes Sharia law, solicitors can give double inheritance to men and keep adopted children from inheriting, among other rules.  There are an estimated 85 Sharia courts in the country.

English equality

Equality campaigners oppose the guidelines.  National Secular Society executive director Keith Porteous Wood said: “The UK has the most comprehensive equality laws in the world, yet the Law Society seems determined to undermine this by giving approval to a system that regulates women, non-Muslim and children born out of wedlock to second class citizenship.  Source: Daily Mail


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