Singapore considers mandatory pro bono logs

By Melissa Lesh

25 March 2014 at 12:11 BST

The Committee to Study Community Legal Services Initiatives (CLSI Committee) recommended mandatory reporting of pro bono hours.

The CLSI Committee recommended mandatory reporting of pro bono hours. Twonix Studio

The CLSI Committee has advised the Law Ministry and the Law Society of Singapore to institute mandatory reporting of pro bono hours.  According to the recommendation, lawyers applying for a practising certificate would have to present a log of how many hours of pro bono work they did the previous year.  The CLSI Committee hopes the documentation will draw a clearer picture of the state of pro bono work in Singapore. Legislative amendments are planned for the Legal Profession Act that will enable the law society to introduce the pro bono reporting requirement.  Should the Law Society and Law Ministry follow the Committee’s recommendations, lawyers will be required to report their bro bono hours as early as 2015. Source: Channel News Asia


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