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Undocumented immigrant to be admitted to California Bar

By Neasa MacErlean

29 January 2014 at 16:49 BST

A Mexican immigrant who has been waiting for visa clearance in the US for nearly 20 years is to be admitted to the California State Bar after a precedent-setting California Supreme Court decision.

Mexican lawyer has won the right to stay in the US James Mattil

Sergio C Garcia was brought into the US as a child by his parents. However, although he graduated from law school in 2009 and passed the bar exam, he was not granted admission to the State Bar. But, represented by Wilson Elser in Los Angeles, he has got the court decision he needed, based on recent case law. His lawyer, Robert Cooper of Wilson Elser, said: 'This case will have far reaching implications. There are currently two cases – one in the Florida Supreme Court and another in New York – considering the same issue.' Source: Digital Journal


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