08 March 2019 at 12:23 BST

Women favoured at Trowers & Hamlins

Firm celebrates International Women's Day by reporting a 0.8 per cent gender pay gap in favour of women across partnership.


Trowers & Hamlins has reported a mean gender pay gap of 0.8 per cent in favour of women across the whole of its partnership. The firm employs more than 700 people across offices in the UK, Middle East and Far East.

Low gap

Trowers & Hamlins said that mean pay for its female partners was 0.8 percent higher than the figure for men in the 12 months to April 2018. Female partners make up 40 percent of the firm’s partnership, including its senior partner, who is one of only nine female senior partners in the top UK 100 law firms. The firm also reveals a lower gender pay gap across all fee-earning staff (excluding partners) of 2.5 per cent in favour of men compared to last year's 4.2 per cent. Senior partner Jennie Gubbins commented ‘we are proud to announce a very low gender pay gap across our partnership which is great in a sector that can struggle to retain female talent at senior levels.’

Women in law

Ms Gubbins added, ‘our announcement is particularly poignant as we approach International Women's Day and this year marking the anniversary of 100 years of women in law. Both events will be celebrated across the firm and our partnership which is over 40% per cent female.’ Other statistics for the firm include that across fee-earning staff (excluding partners) based in London there is a mean gender pay gap of 1.5 per cent in favour of women. Across business support based outside London the mean gender pay gap is 7.4 per cent in favour of women.


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