20 September 2017 at 06:00 BST

Women partners seldom earn top pay at law firms

Men remain overwhelmingly the best paid in US law firms with women far behind.

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The most highly compensated partner at most US law firms is a man, according to the latest research from the National Association of Women Lawyers. The report reveals that the pay disparity exists across the board with 69 per cent of law firms having only one or no women amongst their top 10 earners. It also found that among equity partners, women work as many hours as men but their client billings were 92 per cent those of men. The survey also revealed that 25 per cent of law firm governing committees are made up of women, a percentage that has nearly doubled in the last 10 years.

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Whilst women make up 19 per cent of all equity partners, 33 per cent of lawyers were promoted to equity partner in the last two years. Worst off are women of colour who make up only about two per cent of equity partners, while people of colour account for around six per cent of equity partners. The NAWL surveyed 90 firms out of the top 200 US law firms. 


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