Is 'legal innovation' an oxymoron?: Part Two

This second instalment of Daniel Santiago Acevedo's three-part series on legal innovation tackles the question of how we can innovate in the way we educate the lawyers of tomorrow.

Posted: 18 April 2017 | Big stories

Changes to UK immigration rules for sponsored non-EEA workers

Payne Hicks Beach partner Kathryn Bradbury unpacks recent changes to the United Kingdom's immigration policies and how they are likely to affect businesses sponsoring workers from outside the European Economic Area.

Posted: 07 April 2017 | Commentary

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New trade union notification rules for merging companies in South Africa

A new Practitioners Update on trade union merger notification in South Africa introduces practical difficulties for merging companies in the country, writes Bowmans senior associate Xolani Nyali.

Posted: 31 March 2017 | Commentary

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What the UK can learn from the US about legal innovation

British lawyers have a lot to learn from their colleagues across the Atlantic when it comes to harnessing the power of innovation, writes Burford Capital CEO Christopher Bogart.

Posted: 30 March 2017 | Commentary

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How will the recent ECJ decision impact the purchase of mortgage loan portfolios?

The recent judgement of the European Court of Justice of 21 December 2016 is generating considerable controversy and uncertainty, writes Pérez-Llorca lawyer Pedro Marques da Gama.

Posted: 27 March 2017 | Global view

English High Court decision causes concern over privilege for internal investigations

The decision of Mr Justice Hildyard in the long-running RBS Rights Issue litigation emphasises the care that needs to be taken in appreciating the English courts rather different approach to privilege from the approach taken in US jurisdictions.

Posted: 20 March 2017 | Commentary

ECJ judgment wake-up call for mortgage investors

Property investors need to focus on the implications of a recent ECJ verdict on mortgages

How will a recent ECJ judgment on the purchase of mortgage loan portfolios impact consumers, asks corporate lawyer Pedro Marques de Gama of Pérez-Llorca.

Posted: 17 March 2017 | Commentary

New probate fee scale: A tax by the back door?

Proposed changes to probate fees in the UK are for all intents and purposes an inheritance tax by the back door, writes Russell-Cooke partner Rebecca Fisher.

Posted: 14 March 2017 | Commentary

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Is 'legal innovation' an oxymoron?: Part One

In the first of a four-article series, legal services industry consultant Daniel Santiago Acevedo asks what it is we really mean when we talk about 'innovation' in the realm of law.

Posted: 10 March 2017 | Commentary


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