Is 'legal innovation' an oxymoron?: Part One

In the first of a four-article series, legal services industry consultant Daniel Santiago Acevedo asks what it is we really mean when we talk about 'innovation' in the realm of law.

Posted: 10 March 2017 | Commentary

The flawed labour logic of Trump's reshoring agenda

Lexellent managing partner Sergio Barozzi unpacks the implications and limitations of US President Trump's efforts to return jobs to the American workforce.

Posted: 08 March 2017 | Commentary

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British commuters seek to challenge the UK Government's handling of Southern Rail strike

The Association of British Commuters has built a legal case against the UK Government in attempt to resolve the plight of frustrated Southern Rail commuters, writes 39 Essex Chambers barrister Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho.

Posted: 07 March 2017 | Commentary

Tracking the progress of the Brexit Bill

Wedlake Bell head of commercial litigation David Golten unpacks the first major blow for the Government's Brexit Bill.

Posted: 06 March 2017 | Commentary

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Brazil: Down but not out

Despite its recent troubles, Brazil is still an economic force to be reckoned with, says André de Almeida.

Posted: 28 February 2017 | Global view

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de Almeida

Profiles in Justice: Sally Yates

US trial attorney Reuben Guttman shares his reflections on President Donald Trump's dismissal of acting US Attorney General Sally Yates.

Posted: 01 February 2017 | Global view

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The Brexit Bill: What is it, and what does it mean?

Bryan Cave head of EU & UK competition Robert Bell walks us through the UK Government's 'Brexit Bill' and its implications.

Posted: 31 January 2017 | Commentary

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Innovation or invasion?: Bosses using wearable technology to track and record workforce metrics

The growth of wearable technology is enabling employers to access more information about their workforce than ever before, writes PwC employment law and industrial relations expert Tom Kerr Williams.

Posted: 31 January 2017 | Commentary

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Kerr Williams

Vereined off: Why Swiss vereins lack true client focus

The sorry state of affairs and uncertain future at King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) provides a timely reminder of the shortcomings of the Swiss verein model and similar 'halfway house' structures.

Posted: 26 January 2017 | Commentary


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