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2013: the year for video

As mmadigital continues its blog series examining the challenges faced by lawyers in gaining competitive advantage through digital marketing, Ciara Sarkar looks at ways that your firm can stand out from the crowd with the use of video.

Video is a great way of helping future clients find you, says mmadigital

2013 is the year for video, and understanding the added benefits of video can really give your business a boost and reach more clients than your competitors. As more and more social media channels work at promoting and creating video related content, now really is the time to get behind the camera.


Why is video a good idea?


Video is a great way of helping future clients find you. Search engines, such as Google, are tailored to reward websites that use video.  In fact, in some cases video can have a more powerful effect on your SEO than words.
What’s more video helps you add a personal touch to your website. People do not like being sold to, especially online, so a video can give you a much softer touch in showing visitors to your website what you can offer them and this in turn puts them at ease meaning they will be more likely to become a client.


Spread the word


Video is a great way of creating a call-to-action. You’ll be able to engage with current and future clients, regardless of their location, in a way that standard word based promotions cannot.
The content does not need to be funny or quirky to grab people’s attention but it does need to be of good quality. Investing time and money into a good quality video will show your firm as professional and will set the standard of services clients will expect from you.
Don’t forget to ask the viewer at the end to spread the word and add buttons that will help them tweet or like the video on their social media profiles easily. As well as adding it to your own social media channels too of course.


Tell your story


A brief video introducing your firm and the legal team is a great way of removing any barriers that might exist between you and potential clients. It might even help current clients feel closer to you as they learn about the history of the firm and the legal team assigned to their work. It does not need to go into too much detail but having short snippets of key colleagues talking about what they do really can help you hit the ground running when building relationships with clients.


Promote your professionalism


We’ve already mentioned that the quality of your video is important in setting the expectations of your clients; a poor quality video will suggest poor quality service. But, it is vital that your video is honest.  
If you’re planning to be comical and use humour remember the global reach of video and ensure than any such humour will not offend. Also, be careful when stating facts; your video will hopefully be shared across a wide range of social networking sites and blogs, so make sure it is a true representation of what you are able to offer your clients.

Finally, some thoughts on why video is important but what best practice tips should you look out for:

•     Know who you are talking to: There is no point creating a video about your product if you have no idea who you want to aim it at.  Your video should talk direct to your intended audience. Appeal to your clients’ needs and talk to them on their level, they’ll find it easier to watch and listen.
•    Call to action:  A video is there to impress. But it is also there to encourage the viewers to take action.  Whether that is to pick up the phone to book an appointment, visit your hotel or try your new product.  Make your call to action clear.  Don’t hide your message or try to be too clever.
•    Keep it short and sweet: People online have very short attention spans. If your video is longer than a few minutes long you will lose viewers. Under two minutes should be sufficient. Don’t cram too many messages into your video either, if necessary make a few short videos covering a number of subjects rather than one long piece.
•    Add some music: Using the right music will add another dimension to the video and help keep it in the viewers’ minds. Upbeat and atmospheric music can really transform a video but make sure the music matches the style of your firm and the style of the video.
•    Consult the professionals: Naturally you will want your video to look good. The best way to do this is to consult an agency that specialises in video production so they can help you make the best video possible. Shop around and see who can do what for a budget you can afford, making sure look at their past examples too.
Overall the key is to take a leap of faith and get a great video out there. Try not to over-think it and encourage feedback. With so many reasons to embrace online videos it really is the time for lights, camera, action.

Ciara Sarkar is social media manager with mmadigital

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04 July 2013

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