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By Megan Malloy

31 October 2012 at 10:33 BST

HSBC Holdings, Google and NBA side the Portland Trail Blazers are among those who have made changes to their legal line-ups this week

NBA side makes switch in legal team

HSBC Holdings PLC has hired Preeta Bansal, the former general counsel and senior policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget, to head up its global general counsel for litigation and regulatory affairs.
Ms Bansal is the third hire this year by HSBC with extensive US regulatory experience, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The announcement comes in the wake of the bank’s damaging money-laundering scandal, which included accusations from the US government that HSBC avoided sanctions against Iran and ignored warnings that the bank’s operations were being used by money-launderers and potential terrorist financiers.

Indecency regulations

Google has appointed Austin Schlick, the former FCC general counsel, to the company’s Washington legal team, the Broadcasting & Cable web site reports. During his tenure at the Federal Communications Commission, Mr Schlick defended its indecency regulations and presided over the loosening of newspaper-broadcast dual-ownership regulations.
Google has recently come under scrutiny from European regulators and faces potential Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sanction after an investigation into its search and advertising operations.

Long-term replacement

Long-time general counsel of professional basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers, Mike Fennel, has stepped down from the role.
The Portland Business Journal reports that after 20 years in the position, Mr Fennell will continue to act as a legal consultant while the NBA team looks for a replacement. In-house counsel Ben Lauritsen will fill the role as acting general counsel until a long-term replacement is found.


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