22 November 2017 at 09:00 BST

Canadian lawyer Addison Cameron-Huff to head up blockchain start-up

Addison Cameron-Huff has been promoted to President of Decentral, Canada's largest blockchain startup and makers of the popular Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet.

Kheng Ho Toh

Mr Cameron-Huff is a leading Canadian lawyer, award winning technologist and entrepreneur deeply experienced with blockchain technologies. ‘Addison's knowledge of blockchain technologies and the global regulatory landscape surrounding decentralization is second to none. His legal, technical and entrepreneurial guidance was critical in creating the solid foundation of Decentral Inc and my other blockchain ventures including Ethereum. I am pleased Addison Cameron-Huff has joined me on the Decentral Inc executive team,’ said Decentral Inc founder  Anthony Di Iorio.

Deep tech background

Mr Cameron-Huff has a deep technology and development background that began many years before he became a lawyer and has won multiple hackathons including both TechCrunch Disrupt and PayPal X Innovate. He was the founding CTO of Global-Regulation.com, the largest global law search engine powered by machine translation. 

Built legal technology practice

As a legal entrepreneur he built a technology law practice from 2013 to advise and support rapidly growing businesses in the internet and blockchain domains. He is also an Adjunct Professor of University of Toronto's Faculty of Law GPLLM course.

Opportunity to scale platform

He said: ‘Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are booming and our Jaxx platform is growing right along with it. We've seen over $500 million in sales and multiple-billion dollars of transactions through Jaxx so far this year. The opportunity to scale our platform to support this level of user growth is exciting.’ The company’s Jaxx platform is a single platform that makes ownership and control of blockchain assets like cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. 

Focused on growth

Mr Cameron-Huff is focused on growth: ‘We're motivated to see the whole ecosystem of decentralised businesses grow and prosper. We're keen to create wins for everyone in this space. Our network of revenue partners includes hundreds of companies like ShapeShift, BitPay, Coinbase, Bittrex will benefit from our growth. Our Jaxx product is a critical node in this network and ambition.’


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