10 September 2014 at 11:47 BST

General counsel set to become change agents

General counsel have an opportunity to take a leadership position at the intersection of legal and compliance challenges.

General counsel are at the intersection of legal and compliance Tim Roberts Photogallery

Legal departments now have primary responsiblity for the enterprise compliance function in 40 per cent of organisations, research conducted by Mitratech has highlighted. The research found that the role of Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel has become more tightly entertwined and legal departments are staffing up to meet these compliance needs. The company has produced a white paper - 'At the Intersection of Legal and Compliance: The Opportunity for General Counsel to Meet Increasingly Complex Requirements and Lower Business Risk' - which compares two recent Foreign and Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) violation cases with dramatically different outcomes. It outlines how legal departments can put in place the policies, controls and organisation structures which will lead to lower overall risks despite increasing compliance challenges. For a copy of the white paper, contact Mitratech.


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