General counsel staying put amid Brexit uncertainty, study finds

By Kathryn Higgins

11 January 2017 at 14:57 BST

New research from industry publication The Lawyer has revealed a drop-off in general counsel moves during 2016.


Data from The Lawyer Market Intelligence has shown a 5 per cent decrease in general counsel moves over the course of last year. Last year there were 95 total job changes in the UK, down from 100 in 2015. However, while top-tier vacancies have become more illusive, the job market has been much more fluid for mid-level and interim positions. ‘The only real vacancies coming up have been mid-level,’ GMK Legal associate Liam Taaffe told The Lawyer. ‘There are loads of interim GC roles on the market, quite a few in the retail sector.’ Banking and finance companies saw the most shuffling, with 22 high-profile moves in the last year, followed by manufacturing with 14 moves and retail with nine.

For The Lawyer’s full report, click here


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