Legal ninja required

By Shannon Sweeney

18 June 2014 at 12:03 BST

A Silicon Valley software company uses the term 'legal ninja' to describe its corporate counsel.

Palantir, a Silicon Valley software company, calls their legal team 'legal ninjas.' Elnur

Palantir, a Silicon Valley software company, doesn't use the term 'lawyers to describe its lawyers.  Instead, it refers to the legal team as 'legal ninjas' and  plans to expand the term to London, according to Legal Cheek. The company describes legal ninjas as skilled, elegant and nimble. Palantir has launched a new ad to find a legal ninja in London, saying it is  looking for someone with speed, skill and agility. The lawyer, if found, would be Palantir's first legal ninja in the European Union. Source: Legal Cheek.


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