29 May 2019 at 09:50 BST

LexisNexis CounselLink launches new tools for general counsel

New features supports legal teams to collect, organize, track, audit and report on legal department workload and demonstrate value delivered to the enterprise.


LexisNexis and CounselLink, a cloud-based enterprise legal management solution for corporate legal departments, has launched a comprehensive set of new work management tools that allow legal teams to go beyond daily management matters to take a more holistic approach to managing their work.

Single interface

The new solution aims to help general counsels who need to understand the full scope of work handled by their legal department to provide strategic advice, metrics and information to their business stakeholders. With all information accessible in a single interface, the new work management features help legal departments manage internal work product and matters, relations with outside counsel and total legal spend, and decision-making. CounselLink’s new work management features enable legal departments to collect, organize, track, audit and report on all the work performed within the department. Aaron Pierce, general manager of CounselLink, explained “So much information flows in and out of the legal department without being formally promoted to a ‘legal matter,’ including requests for advice, legal inquiries and other types of submissions.” He added, “Having the right tools to understand and manage all the work your legal department is asked to perform is just as important as tracking every line item of every invoice.”

Transformative moment

CounselLink integrates legal department components to provide holistic support to law departments in achieving their goals of improving efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing cost predictability and oversight, and ensuring they become an indispensable business partner. Mr Pierce said, “The market is at a transformative moment. Our customers - and industry research -tells us workloads have increased and are more complex. They are under significant pressure to improve efficiencies, establish standardized work processes, measure performance and be accountable to the business,” He added. “CounselLink makes it easier for GCs and their staff to do their work, to know what’s happening inside and outside the department, and to demonstrate the value they provide to stakeholders in the business.”


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