Vodafone lawyer holds on to lucrative role

By James Barnes

22 May 2013 at 09:17 BST

David Kreider, Vodafone's New Zealand general counsel, has successfully defended his $541,000 (£290,000) a year job from a restructuring cut following the company's acquisition of TelstraClear last year.

Vodafone: legal department wrangle

The telecoms company was reportedly unsure whether the disestablishment of his position as general counsel and the creation of a legal director role were different jobs, and admitted the lawyer was ‘likely to be made redundant as a consequence’, reports the National Business Journal.

Selection process

However, in a May determination Employment Relations Authority member Tania Tetitaha decided the created role of legal director was not substantially different and that Mr Kreider – who earns of $345,000 in cash and average share bonuses worth $196,000 - should be confirmed in or appointed to the role without having to go through a selection process.
London-headquartered Vodofone is reportedly unhappy with the decision, with head of corporate affairs Tom Chignell stating that the company is reviewing whether to appeal.


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