Apple lose out as judge ditches Google law suit

By James Barnes

07 November 2012 at 12:58 BST

Cupertino technology giant Apple has suffered a blow in its on-going patent war after its law suit against Google's Motorola Mobility unit was thrown out hours before it was set for trial.

Google 'pleased' with outcome

The iPhone manufacturer was prepared to fight its corner to gain leverage in the frantic smartphone patent war but Wisconsin District Judge Barbara Crabb dismissed Apple’s case after questioning her own legal authority to hear it.

Licensing terms

The court had been set to judge over the masses of patents acquired by Android platform developer Google along with Motorola in May for $12.5 billion. Apple claimed that Motorola’s licensing terms were unfair, reports The Province web site. A Google spokeswoman said the company was pleased with the order, while an Apple representative declined to comment.
In its statement, Google added that Motorola has long offered licensing at reasonable rates and would ‘remain interested in reaching an agreement with Apple’.


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