19 November 2012

Big money jobs lure India's top law students

Students at India's leading law school are reluctant to practise in courts and would much prefer corporate work, according to research by one of the country's leading think-tanks.

By James Barnes

Ahmedabad: think tank cites Mammon

Ahmedabad: think tank cites Mammon Pranav Gandhi/Shutterstock.com

According to The Hindu Times newspaper, the Ahmedabad-based Research Foundation for Governance in India found that only 15 per cent of students join the local profession while around 5 per cent prefer teaching and research, 30 per cent join domestic and international law firms and 25 per cent take positions in companies and consulting firms. Around 20 per cent of students move abroad for further education.
The findings were welcomed by traditional law schools that oppose a one-year LLM course, which has been proposed for the next academic year.
GB Reddy, former Principal of law college at Osmania University, commented: ‘Existing systems should not be changed for the benefit of a few students.’

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