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Can't buy me love - tech tops pay in work-life balance survey

By Victoria Basham

30 August 2016 at 09:10 BST

New research has found that lawyers in Australia view new technology and flexible working conditions as more important for their work-life balance than remuneration.

Kaspars Grinvalds

The survey by legal services firm GlobalX Legal Solutions questioned more than 300 legal professionals and found lawyers and conveyancers think access to innovation and greater flexibility in their working life would improve their work-life balance more than increased pay.

Industry shift

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said the results reflect an industry shift, with more legal professionals seeing the potential impact of technology in their day-to-day lives: ‘While legal practitioners are notoriously sceptical toward the benefit of adopting new technology, 75 per cent of those surveyed said technology improves work-life balance within their practice.'


Mr Maloney added that unwillingness to implement new technology could be explained by the fact that the integration of business systems was seen as the most challenging technology project by one in three respondents. The findings also indicate value for money was the top priority for legal professionals when considering new software and services, but a lack of funds for investment remains the biggest impediment to change. 


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