Extra judges on standby for G8

By Julia Duke

11 June 2013 at 13:20 BST

NI judges are getting ready to deal with potential trouble at the G8 Summit in Fermanagh.

Trouble at the G8 Indambanerjee

An extra 16 judges have been placed on stand-by in preparation for the G8 summit protestors in Northern Ireland.
In addition to the judges needed to deal with potential all-day special court sittings, more lawyers and other staff have been brought in, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Protests expected

Authorities say they expect the most protests to take place in Enniskillen and Belfast. The Police Service of Northern Ireland and the NI Courts and Tribunals Service devised a plan to deal with expected cases in January.
Officers have been advised to take measures other than arrest, including issuing a penalty notice or reporting suspects to the Public Prosecution Service. The courts, however,  will be open for arrests from Saturday to next Wednesday including  three special courts  in Dungannon courthouse, two in Antrim and three in Belfast’s Laganside.


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