20 February 2017 at 10:00 BST

FisherBroyles appoints new partner in Washington DC

FisherBroyles - the first full-service, cloud-based law firm in the country - has appointed James J Pohl as a partner in its Intellectual Property Law Group in its Washington DC office.

Mr Pohl is an experienced patent attorney with a diverse education and experience in business, law, and engineering.

Range of advice

He will provide advice on a range of topics including aligning IP strategy with business goals, developing patent portfolios, IP due diligence, legal opinions, tech-related agreements, IP-related litigation advising, risk assessment, and design-around analysis.

Technical expertise

Mr Pohl has more than 25 years of experience in electrical engineering and applied physics.

His technical expertise includes experience relating to artificial intelligence, neural networks, digital devices, cloud computing, wireless electronics, semiconductors, the Internet of Things, optics, and sensors.

US Navy pedigree

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr Pohl was an electrical engineer for a leading telecom equipment manufacturer. He also served in the US Navy, where he was a submariner, taught nuclear power plant operation, and provided technical assistance for the upgrading of two submarine reactors.

FisherBroyles, founded in 2002, has more than 175 attorneys in 21 offices nationwide.


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