Hip-hoppers battle over I.AM copyright

By Julia Duke

01 July 2013 at 10:23 BST

American music artist Will.i.am is claiming that fellow hip-hop star Pharrell Williams crossed the line by using the phrase 'I am' as part of his new brand, going as far as to sue him over it.

Will.i.am in full flow

The ‘I am OTHER’ brand was recently created by Pharrell Williams as an online source for young talent, The Independent reports. The Black Eyed Peas founder Will.i.am, however, argues that he owns copyright over ‘I am’ and that it is too familiar to his ‘i.am+’ trademarked gadget for iPhones.
Ironically, Will.i.am faces similar copyright charges after being blamed for using the song ‘Rebound’ without permission from creative producers Arty and Mat Zo, according to the report.


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